[consulting] Current state of newsletter systems

Donald A. Lobo lobo at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 07:06:24 UTC 2006

We at CiviCRM obviously believe in CiviMail and are supporting and
improving it quite actively. That said, if folks want to be involved in
specing out a public API, we are happy to contribute our design and
some implementation resources on it if needed (in turn, the community
needs to step up and also contribute resources)

There is a substantial difference between personalized broadcast email
(CiviMail) and mailing lists (Sympa).While they have quite a few things
in common, they also differ significantly. I'd like to avoid adding
mailing list functionality to CiviMail in the medium term. Not sure
what integration really means in this case. I think CivicSpace did try
integrating CiviCRM with Sympa


--- Benjamin Melançon <pwgdarchive at gmail.com> wrote:

> Add me to the list of well-wishers for both Rob Barreca's simplenews
> extension (e-mailing all your users should be a built-in admin
> option,
> not a newbie's nightmare of dead-end roads!) and Scott Trudeau's
> glimmer of an idea for a public API for CiviMail.
> Best of luck also to CivicSpace Labs' turnkey solution for
> Drupal+CiviCRM+CiviMail.
> On CiviMail, last month I'd bugged a bunch of hosts about the
> possibility of a shared-hosting set-up that would allow CiviMail, for
> smaller orgs.  There was some interest.  There's also interest from
> the good folks at http://electricembers.com for integrating their
> mailing list software with CiviCRM, but they've pointed out that they
> are Sympa based (which does the mailing list stuff well, not the
> personalized newsletter).  But I really want to integrate their
> amazingly affordable mass e-mail services with Drupal somehow (maybe
> Organic Groups).
> Right now my web design collective is setting CiviMail up on a VPS
> for
> a client, and depending on how this goes we may be in the
> CiviMail-capable site business ourselves.
> There's obviously tons of room and need for integration of Drupal
> with
> mass e-mail in multiple ways, and I'd appreciate folks keeping me
> abreast of their efforts, with which I'd be happy to help.
> My big nonprofit change-the-world idea is democratically moderated
> mailing lists, allowing for practical many-to-many communication on a
> large scale.  (See http://pwgd.org/ )  Don't know the best base for
> this yet.
> Sorry, I've wandered a bit off-topic..
> -ben
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