[consulting] Drupal for start-ups

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Sun Dec 24 22:22:28 UTC 2006

Most of  you don't know but Peter Van Dijick, author of this  
article,  http://poorbuthappy.com/ease/archives/2006/12/09/3382/ 
drupal-considered-dangerous-for-startups , quietly helped me in  
focusing several of the efforts to help improve Drupal's user  
experience.  He's a fan of Drupal and I value his opinion.  I'd like  
to turn this general observation about the difficulties in using  
Drupal for new companies into something more constructive.

I have written a draft page based on working directly with several  
start-ups that have used Drupal.  If we can improve the success of  
Drupal projects for start-ups by providing more guidelines and  
observations that are particular to the needs of start-ups I'd like  
to do so.  If you have a few hours to help me produce a good first  
draft based on actual experience using Drupal in a start-up please  
contact me.  I'd like to collaborate on producing something useful  
that will continue to drive investment in Drupal.

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