[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Mon Dec 25 12:51:40 UTC 2006

>     * Adding the table to views (so you can do the same thing and
>       don't know Drupal. You will have to do this without much
>       documentation to guide you... there are no easy recipes to follow.
>     * Once you've added a table to views, something might change in
>       views and therefore you have to figure out what changed and make a
>     * Certain things in Drupal are very well documented, other items

Certain things -- like Views. Which is _extremely_ well documented. The  
first time it might take an hour or two to add a table... but a week?  
Hardly. And there are tons of easy recipes to follow as many contrib  
modules add their data to views.

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