[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Tue Dec 26 05:08:34 UTC 2006

Here is an analogy:

Sometimes, selecting a platform is like picking medicine.

If someone takes a specific medicine on their own, and then complains it
does not cure his illness. What happens? At best, he would not be cured. At
worst, he may suffer serious side effects.

The missing link here is the doctor: one has to get diagnosed first, then
and only then, can the proper medicine be prescribed, then the pharmacist
would ensure that there are no interactions with other medicines, or

Just like you go through a doctor and a pharmacist to get the cure, the same
goes for Drupal (or any other software for that matter). Only in the
simplest cases it would satisfy out of the box (think cold and cough
medicines, available over the counter). For more extensive cases, it needs
to be customized by a qualified person to fit your specific needs.

A tool is only a tool. How you use it, or how you get an expert to use it
for you, is the crux of the matter.

(Written by an ex-pharmacist).
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