[consulting] Re: Costs of forking

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Thu Feb 9 16:42:03 UTC 2006

No, I think you're correct, Greg. I think what I was getting at was that
when it comes to *explaining* the cost of getting patched code into core
or a contrib module, categorizing it as 'support' rather than
'development' makes a lot more sense from a client-side perspective.
It's a lot easier to sell it as a support benefit than an ideological
'giving back to the community' thing.


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> Personally, I hope that I never take a contract that doesn't 
> involve support and without the ability to support it themselves.
> If they have a support contract, I am motivated to roll the 
> cost of the patch into the contract and to get it included.
> If they are capable enough to support the solution 
> themselves, they are smart enough to understand the need to 
> merge any code back into core.
> Or am I just too optimistic?
> Greg

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