[consulting] Re: Costs of forking

Gunnar Langemark gunnar at langemark.com
Thu Feb 9 19:53:02 UTC 2006

Thank you John
That is a very good Open Source "Elevator Pitch" (see below)

Clients pay us because we know things they don't know. We don't have to 
tell them everything - only what they need to know to make the right 
decision for their business needs.
FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) is unfortunately a very real part of 
pitching an IT based project. Some of the FUD - that some companies with 
proprietary code like to spread - has to do with the not so well 
understood concepts of Open Source.
It is important to talk to clients as much as possible about the issues 
that will make their business better - and as little as possible about 
the issues that they don't really care about - because they don't know 
about them, and they pay you to know. So dealing with the concept of 
Open Source issues fast and efficiently - is important, such that you 
can start talking about how to "cure their pains", and "leverage their 
business" by supporting "new and improved" business processes - with 
Drupal software solutions.
You only have their attention for so long.

It's a simple task from the outset - but a hard days work to get there.


John Handelaar wrote:
> Jeff Eaton wrote:
>> Forking vs. Patching is NOT a development issue from a client's
>> perspective. It's a support issue. 
> What he said.
> Actually, it also reminded me of something I almost always
> say to prospective clients, which almost always helps them
> decide to buy from me.
> "Look at all these modules, written by all these people.  You
> won't be using many of them, but I want you to see just how
> many people there are who understand how your new website
> will work.
> "My point is this.  You can have me build you something
> from scratch, just for you.  Or you can buy something you're
> not allowed to tinker with.  Either way, if I fall under
> a bus tomorrow, or you decide in future you don't want me
> anymore, you're in trouble.
> "With this, I don't 'own' you.  And if I fall under a bus
> tomorrow you can ask one of these other people to take
> my place.  What I'm proposing makes you more secure in
> the medium-to-long term."
> Works every time.
> jh
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