[consulting] Costs of forking

Javier Linares devel at javierlinares.com
Fri Feb 10 15:40:59 UTC 2006

On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 07:22:29AM -0800, Jason Flatt wrote:
> Do you people factor these sorts of things into your charges, and how so?  Is 
> it a flat +x%, or a flat +$y, or is there some sort of calculation made based 
> on the project, i.e.: "I think I'll spend .5 hr filling out tax paperwork, so 
> I'll add $z..."?  I would think just adding a flat, say 5%, to whatever was 
> decided was the price to charge would be the best, least thought processing 
> way to go.

I take the money I need every month (or you think you, with your education
and skills would get in another job) for full time work and divide by the
real time I can work in projects for customers (which is really far from
full time in projects).  And then time for taxes, reading about Drupal,
reading blogs, R+D, preparing proposals, etc., is included.

Javier Linares

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