[consulting] Selling Drupal to consultants

Simon Lindsay simon at iseek.biz
Mon Feb 13 06:53:15 UTC 2006

Larry Garfield wrote:
> If I can get an actual discussion on the table somehow, any suggestions on how 
> to sell both my fellow developers and designers and management on Drupal?  
> They made it clear when I was hired that we're not an open source shop, since 
> I'm a big open source fan, although we do current use some LGPLed stuff in 
> various places and we make it a point that we always own the code, not the 
> client.  I want to wedge that door wider, for my own sanity if nothing 
> else. :-)

Well, i've switched from my own codebase to drupal for projects for 
multiple reasons, primarily they were:

. Autocomplete
. WYSIWYG editor
. actions & workflow
. Ajax development by people who actually know javascript.
. Heaps of code being developed by others.

There are areas where drupal is lacking at the moment (for my purposes), 
but they are either in discussion, or active development. Particularly:

. Finer grained security
. Related Nodes

I'm continually finding new things to do with drupal, and new ways to do 
things that have been challenges with my previous code.

I recently had someone ask about galleries, watermarks etc. Check 
through the website a bit, sure enough, someone has written an action to 
watermark images.

There is so much good code being written by others, that the entire 
"product" is growing exponentially. No small team of developers can 
match the frantic pace drupal is currently generating (IMHO ;-).


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