[consulting] Selling Drupal to consultants

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Feb 13 07:27:03 UTC 2006

On Monday 13 February 2006 01:03, Dan Robinson wrote:

> > I work at a small web development consulting company that has just
> > doubled in size in the past few months.  The developer (singular) who
> > wrote our old codebase has mostly left, and everyone agrees the old CMS
> > code is unmaintainable.  Lucky me, I get to write the new one. :-)  Fun
> > as it sounds to write a CMS from scratch on a deadline and then turn
> > around and use it on a client site almost immediately, I'd much rather
> > switch the company over to Drupal then write a rushed Drupal-inspired
> > hacked-up CMS.  I've mentioned it a few times, and so far haven't gotten
> > a firm no but mostly have gotten waffling "we'll see".
> well you could always take the drupal code base and fork it :).  I mean
> what is their business model?  Are they in the business of creating a
> new CMS - doesn't seem very swift to me.

We're in the business of building sites for clients.  The CMS is a means to an 
end. :-)

> > If I can get an actual discussion on the table somehow, any suggestions
> > on how to sell both my fellow developers and designers and management on
> > Drupal? They made it clear when I was hired that we're not an open source
> > shop, since I'm a big open source fan, although we do current use some
> > LGPLed stuff in various places and we make it a point that we always own
> > the code, not the client.  I want to wedge that door wider, for my own
> > sanity if nothing else. :-)
> sounds like they think that their business model depends on their
> ability to lock their customers into license agreements.  It is a little
> hard to see how this is compatible with a Free software business
> strategy.  At any rate my 2 second opinion is that you will get no
> traction trying to argue it from a code/engineering angle.  The only way
> to get anywhere is probably to convince them that there business model
> isn't really that workable - that'll be fun :).

Well, the current license agreement for our clients is, as I understand it, 
essentially "you can do anything with the code except redistribute it".  With 
GPLed code that last "except" couldn't be there, but really, I don't see our 
clients having the knowledge TO redistribute anything we write anyway. :-)

And yeah, the company is doing quite well right now business-wise, which is 
why it's doubled in size in the last year. :-)  It's long-term technical 
health, and my own sanity, that I'm more concerned about.

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