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Michael Haggerty mhaggerty at trellon.com
Mon Feb 13 08:55:41 UTC 2006

Since I got back from Vancouver, I have been thinking about the whole idea
of where Drupal is going. Boris Mann from Bryght opened my eyes in terms of
geospotting users, some people from CivicActions got me thinking about the
merits of a ThingFinder, Jeff Robbins sucked me in with his AJAX talks.

Something I have been thinking about a lot more is how we prevent duplicate
development efforts within the community. Maybe the issue is that, as a
community, we don't have an end in mind outside personal initatives and
client projects. There is no roadmap for what needs to be done, partially
because everyone brings their own agenda to the project.

Content management systems are a subject of academia at this point, and
there is a lot of research that goes into choosing the right one. There's a
site devoted to comparing features in existing CMS system, and it's here:


The page about Drupal is here:


Maybe the goal of Drupal should not be to be all things to all people, but
there are probably some things we should be looking at as a community to
understand how to move forward. I would personally love drag and drop
functionality, which I assume is the ability to drag a text document into a
page and automatically turn it into content. Right, wrong or indifferent,
here's a list of what they say is missing or could be done better:

Kerberos Authentication	No
NIS Authentication	No
NTLM Authentication	No
Problem Notification	No
Sandbox			No
SMB Authentication	No
SSL Logins			No
SSL Pages			No
Versioning			Limited

Certification Program	No
Code Skeletons		No

Drag-N-Drop Content	No
Prototyping			No
Style Wizard		No
Template Language		Limited
UI Levels			No
Undo				Limited
Zip Archives		No

Clipboard			No
Content Staging		No
Package Deployment	No
Trash				No
Workflow Engine		Limited

FTP Support			Limited
WAI Compliant		Limited
WebDAV Support		No

Content Reuse		Limited

Database Replication	No
Load Balancing		No
Static Content Export	No

Classifieds			No
Database Reports		No
Document Management	Limited
Expense Reports		No
Graphs and Charts		No
HTTP Proxy			No
In/Out Board		No
Matrix			No
Time Tracking		No
Weather			No
Web Services Front End	No
Pluggable Tax		No
Point of Sale		No
Wish Lists			No

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