[consulting] Selling Drupal to consultants

Gregory Heller gregory at civicactions.com
Mon Feb 13 16:56:37 UTC 2006

Larry Garfield wrote:
> On Monday 13 February 2006 01:03, Dan Robinson wrote:
>>> a firm no but mostly have gotten waffling "we'll see".
>> well you could always take the drupal code base and fork it :).  I mean
>> what is their business model?  Are they in the business of creating a
>> new CMS - doesn't seem very swift to me.
> We're in the business of building sites for clients.  The CMS is a means to an 
> end. :-)
If your business is building sites for clients, and not licensing a cms
that the choice to go with a pre-built CMS like drupal would seem to me
to be a no brainer.  You still charge your clients for building the
sites, upgrading and maintaining the sites, yet you spend very little
time maintaining the code base (as compare with you writing your CMS in
the next few weeks).  I would think you should be able to make this
argument purely on the time costs of building and maintaining a custom
codebase.  Does your company want to be in the same situation it is in
now 2 years down the road when you decide to leave? and the other folks
there decide that the code you have written an cobbled together for
various clients is not worth the costs of maintaining?

If your company is concerned about the profitability of running a web
design and consulting shop with drupal, the concern is unfounded there
are a whole bunch (nearly a dozen) drupal consulting shops in the USA
and Canada that all seem to be doing pretty well for themselves plus
dozens more individuals.

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