[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Fri Feb 24 00:50:58 UTC 2006

Gregory Heller wrote:

Hi Gregory!

>I can understand why you might think that my sudden burst of involvement
>is "a bit strange". 


> I am not a coder, at all,

Just to get that right from the start: I am not of the opinion that only 
coders can contribute to the Drupal project. Best examples are Charlie 
Lowe and Steven Peck who have done a lot of invaluable work on 

> I am a fierce advocate
>and evangelist for Drupal and CiviCRM, I am a project manager with my
>firm, and do client relations.  At CivicActions, we do CiviCRM and
>Drupal.  I am working to contribute in ways that I can.  The community
>talks alot about getting people like me to contribute, and having my
>motivation or sincerity questioned isn't the best encouragement.

I am not questioning your motivation or sincerity, I am questioning the 
way you approach the way to contribute.

What I am seeing is that you jump in head first into the project where 
it would maybe have been wiser to get in feet first.

>CivicActions is actively working to increase our participation (writ
>large) in the Drupal Community.  That includes code, documentation,
>community organizing, event organizing. 

I hope that, since all I am seeing right now is this:


>Right now, coming off of Vancouver, there was a sense that organizing
>the Drupal professional community was something that could help the
>community at large.  We are biting off low hanging fruit.  Conference
>Calls, Drupal Professionals Directory, etc....

After the way you approached the conf calls I can only hope you do the 
directory a little bit better.

>There are issues that effect Drupal shops.  I am trying to get shops
>together because the shops I have spoken to have all expressed interest
>in working more collaboratively to address the problems/challenges that
>we face.  One of those big problems is training and developing new
>talent, not just so there can be more lone cowboys out there, but so
>that Drupal shops can take on bigger projects, and scale.

I don't recall Drupal shops doing any mentoring of Summer of Code 
students. In fact, all this mentoring was done by freelancers.

>We are trying to have a focused conference call to address the issues
>that shops are facing.

Why did you chose Jason's answer to remind him that he is not the 
intended audience and not the other answers who weren't exactly from 
Drupal shops?

>I am sure that sole contractors have a set of issues that they face,
>maybe some of them overlap with those facing shops, others don't.  I

 From your original mail:

This call is specifically geared to firms/shops that are doing drupal
deployments to talk about things like:
    Drupal Pros Directory
    Client Funded Module Development
    DrupalCamp training sessions

None of the three topics seems to be very much geared at Drupal shops.

>don't know because I have spent my time talking to other shops and not
>sole contractors.  Maybe someone should set up a monthly conference call
>for sole contractors to talk.

I don't believe in conference calls. Everything that is said there can 
probably be done through email. OTOH, I am not that experienced wrt them.

>  This is sort of happening as more Drupal
>"user" or "developer" groups form and meet, like the one in NY that we
>helped organize last week and the Bay Area group.

Oh, yeah, I remember reading the minutes of the first Bay Area user 
group meeting...


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