[consulting] Re: Barn Raising at DrupalCamp (was - Re: and they call it drupalcamp)

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Fri Feb 24 07:42:05 UTC 2006

I think absolutely.  I think that you'd want to pick projects that

- lent themselves well to a weekend "sprint" (you could even do multiple
projects I think)
- That the course leader(s) felt were conducive to what they wanted to
- that the non-profit was "worthy enough" :) and everyone felt good
about supporting them (did you know that Visa International is a

Also to be fair to the non-profit there would probably have to be *some*
ongoing commitment to finish/support the work that was


> I know at least 2 local non-profits here that would be interested, and
> might even have a few hundred dollars to throw into the effort in
> return for the "barn."  Does that fit with the idea being discussed here?
> ..chrisxj
> Dan Robinson wrote:
>> I actually think it is pretty easy - for example we could probably come
>> up with 2-3 candidate websites in a couple days.  I think it makes sense
>> to start a list of:
>> trainers
>> sponsors <== folks/organizations willing to handle logistics
>> attendees
>> dates
>> locations
>> Once we start assembling the ingredients I strongly suspect organization
>> will come naturally.
>> Dan
>>> yes! i just love this idea! i think it is a very simple track and
>>> would be a great way to start people off at zero and ramp them as
>>> fully functioning drupal users.
>>> there are many approaches to the 'raising...
>>> we only need two things... (as if it was this easy)
>>> - template RFP for submission
>>> - validation/candidate selection
>>> noel
>>> On Feb 22, 2006, at 11:32 PM, Dan Robinson wrote:
>>>> how about a "barn raising"  - take an org that needs a new website and
>>>> build it.
>>>> Dan
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