[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Aaron S. Pava aaron at civicactions.com
Fri Feb 24 16:56:22 UTC 2006

I can help with this page.



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On Feb 23, 2006, at 9:00 PM, Kaliya * wrote:

Just today I had someone contact me via linked in asking if I knew any
qualified drupal developers for a well funded project that wants some.

Could we please stop pretending that Drupal is some sort of secret club.
Post an ad like this one


which is then promptly followed up by a meet-up in the same city like this
one http://drupal.org/node/49753

If you want to actually help the situation you can help me write a page in
the handbook "How to hire someone to develop your Drupal site".

Any takers?


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