[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Sat Feb 25 07:39:00 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 01:25 +0100, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> Op vrijdag 24 februari 2006 22:14, schreef Darrel O'Pry:
> > NEWS FLASH: Rebellious Drupal Developers Run Amok.
> >
> > 02-29-2008: Peter Janis
> > Today Drupal developers began rapidly evolving the core of drupal in an
> > attempt to undermine the business plans of nagging consultants.
> >
> > <read more>
> I really hope you (the reader, not Darrel, per-sé) did read my reply To Moshe. 
> In wich I tried to explain my intentions of the mail.
> I respect everyones opinions and ideas, and I like what I read from Darrel 
> O'Pry a lot. Ihad a laugh about this message too :)
> But I dislike the tone that I see all over the place (several MLs). I cannot 
> remember myself being very subtle, but still, I am getting concerned about 
> the lack of respect I see recently.

I myself am just trying to be silly.. I'd shoot myself If I took me
seriously... :)... 

I think there is a lot of respect. I just think there is also a lot of
push/stress/pressure.... limited developer bandwidth, and excited
people... We all love drupal.. We want to see 4.7 out the door in
maintenance so we can pull the freeze, and go hog wild looking for
5.0. ;)... 

> Is that because we no longer know (meet) eachother in person? Is that because 
> we are talking to people that are so remote to us that we thing "nah, I can 
> insult Him/her, because I need not bother about a busyness relation, or a 
> patch review"? I don't know.
yeah my pet patch/RC bug right now is open_basedir
http://drupal.org/node/5961 if you're bored and want to review a patch.

> But I do know that the athmosphere is turning from positive critique and 
> healthy anti-feelings into bash-persons-in-person. 
I thinks it heart burn. :) Too little beer, and too long days...
Adrenachrome running low, and the tranquilizers spent opening a bottle
of tequila.

> It annoys me, personally, that I have to watch every single word I type. In 
> fact, It is starting to annoy me so much, that I am considering to 
> unsubscribe from all isseus and MLS for a while. 

don't. I'm a racist sarcastic bigot. I said it. I could or could not
really be one... the wonderfully plastic nature of identity in
non-corporeal environments... but action still speaks louder than words,
write elegant code and all will be forgiven... Be a bastard on friday,
and a saint on Wednesday. It doesn't matter code is gold remember.

> People, lets be friendly. Not in a hug-flower-guitar-song-way, but just 
> respect ones different views AND ones different ways of communication.

Hey I have a guitar a flower and a song right here... just for you. 

> And let us try to refrain from nasty replys whenever possible. 

Have you heard the story about the fat lady, the turnip, and the family
sized bottle of probe?

> Better no reply then a nasty reply. 

I would say nasty reply. We all communicate well some days, and we don't
on others. We can be nasty, short, kind, or cold. The important is to
try to understand what people are saying regardless of tone. Their
fingers wouldn't be typing if they didn't have something to communicate
that they felt was important or worth while. To me the core of a lot of
our culture is communication, and social groups and communities need to
learn to communicate even when some cells are having trouble expressing
themselves well... For those who are doing well that involves listening
better, for those who are having trouble it normally requires time... 

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