[consulting] A defense for new users

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sat Feb 25 17:47:13 UTC 2006

Chris Johnson wrote:
> John, Why didn't you keep your post to the latter 3 edited paragraphs, 

[offensive crap omitted]

I sincerely believe that this thread serves only to attempt
to put this list as a group in conflict with the people
managing the 4.7 release.

I think that's irresponsible.

I also think it's pointless, since if the two groups are
in conflict, this one *loses*.

I think that omitting the fact that all these gains can be
achieved without core amendments, *if* that ommission was
deliberate, seems reckless and misleading.

I think that alterations to core, particularly when
proposed by a commercial entity with a use case which
is in no way universal, should be dealt with more carefully
than this.

And I still think that this is off-topic for this list
since it clearly belongs on the dev list instead.

None of this relates to my opinion on whether Drupal's admin
system needs a dramatic overhaul, on which point I concur
with Kieran et al entirely.  If there were any specs to go
with this, I'd probably even support them going into core.

In 4.8.


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