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Greg Knaddison - GVS Greg at GrowingVentureSolutions.com
Wed Jun 7 16:48:26 UTC 2006

On 6/7/06, Gerhard Killesreiter <gerhard at killesreiter.de> wrote:
> Scott Youmans wrote:
> > A client of mine is looking for an online calendar that they can use to
> > synch with their outlook and palm devices. I've done a bit of googleing and
> > haven't found anything.
> >
> > Any recommendations? Especially something I could integrate into Drupal.
> >
> Your client could pay you to write a module which does ical integration
> with Drupal's event module. We currently provide ical export, but not
> import. A lot of people would like to see this happen, though.

Yes - that would be awesome.  dcalderon is at least one other person
interested in working on this: http://groups.drupal.org/node/492

And for those who haven't seen it:


When I show that to prospective clients they say "wow...that is nice"
and then they say "will it work with my {stupid calendaring
application}" and I say "if your {sca} supports the open iCal standard
it will".

The iCal export feed in Event is super nice!


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