[consulting] Affiliate module updated for 4.7

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Thu Jun 8 17:31:02 UTC 2006

Here is a wishlist.

It needs a hook that fires at certain points (when an invite is sent,
when a user registers, when a user is deleted, when roles are
escalated, ...etc.).

This is just a module_invoke_all() with an $op as an argument.

This way, other modules can act on these events (e.g. points
awarded in user points, ...etc).

It also needs an API whereby other modules can query who
invited whom (passing an $op and a $uid). One $op would
return who invited the $uid that is passed, another would
return an array of uids that the passed $uid has invited.

This way, other modules can use this information, e.g. adsense
splits the revenue between inviter and invitee.

On 6/8/06, Barry Jaspan <barry at jaspan.org> wrote:
> I have updated the Affiliate module for 4.7:
> <http://drupal.org/node/11169>.  Given the prior discussion on this
> list about it (before I was a subscriber) it seemed reasonable to
> announce it here.
> It is still fairly limited in functionality but improvements are, of
> course, always possible.
> Barry
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