Videocasts for Drupal (Was Re: [consulting] Calendar with Outlook Integration)

Laura Scott laura at
Thu Jun 8 18:30:33 UTC 2006

On Jun 8, 2006, at 11:03 AM, Boris Mann wrote:

> On 6/8/06, Matt Westgate <matt at> wrote:
>> Awesome idea. There's a videocasts section in the handbook here:
>> As well as instructions on how to create your own videocasts,
>> including downloads to a Drupal bumper clip and creative commons
>> slide for a consistent look and feel
> +1 for common look and feel, that these are Drupal videocasts. A slide
> including who created it and contact details is appropriate as well.
My own two bits on this is that the important thing to consider is  
whether we all use the same Drupal theme, with roughly the same  
configuration in terms of what blocks are where, in order to avoid  

However, as for style of teaching, and what branding people put on  
the heads and tails, I think there should be much freedom there so  
that people can go with their strengths. This is a community, not  
Nike, and demanding stylistic consistency could work against us in  
the end. And it may be counterproductive in itself.

For example, one person may be great at doing the case study, going  
through an existing set up and then cutting in "flashbacks" of  
setting up that part. Another person might be best at a run-down of  
features, with thorough explanations, without building an example.  
Yet another might just start at one end and walk people through. (And  
different approaches can complement each other.)

Every person teaches differently, and every person learns  
differently. There is no one ring to bind them all when it comes to  
teaching, except going with what works. Eventually, with practice,  
we'll see what styles connect with the most people, and we'll be able  
to learn teaching/tutoring techniques from each other and incorporate  
them into our own screencast work.

Count me in on volunteering for this effort. (It kind of dovetails in  
with my "old media" background.) What better way to get the buzz  
going? I'm upgrading Snapz Pro X to movie capture today.


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