[consulting] Module to view/edit module weights

Laura Scott laura at pingv.com
Fri Jun 16 15:54:16 UTC 2006

Barry, I haven't looked at the module but want to say +1 on the  
concept. Having a configurable way of setting weights to help deal  
with all the various contrib modules seems like a good idea. I would  
imagine that this would require a strong caveat emptor in the  
description so n00bs don't go messing with how the modules are called  
and we end up with a bunch of forum posts on how all these modules  
don't work.

As this is more of a developer's module and not just for consultants,  
I suggest you post this to the development list as you'll get some  
strong feedback on how your module would work with a wide variety of  
people's workflows and different perspectives on best practices re  
the Drupal API. (Also, please provide a link to the module's page.)


On Jun 16, 2006, at 7:26 AM, Barry Jaspan wrote:

> A client needed to be able to change the weight of a module I  
> developed for him.  Rather than hard code the setting in the  
> module's .install file, I developed a small module called  
> moduleweight that adds a Weight column to the modules table at  
> admin/modules.  I was not aware of any existing way to do this.
> Module moduleweight is available in CVS.  If other people find it  
> useful, I will promote it to a 4.7 project.
> Thanks,
> Barry
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