[consulting] AOL sponsored client project

neil.mcevoy at ondemand-network.com neil.mcevoy at ondemand-network.com
Sun Jun 18 17:42:03 UTC 2006

Hi guys

I have a client opportunity we require services for, and I thought might
make for interesting discussion here. If not pls feel free to contact me
direct offline. It's quite urgent, need a prototype demo (only for part 2)
by Friday if possible, so any ideas/action greatly appreciated.

There's two main parts to it:

1- AOL integration

I've helped them gain funding from AOL. They are a local Social Enterprise
community, helping "close the Digital Divide" etc., and AOL have a program
to provide funding for this type of thing.

With Drupal as the main community platform, the idea is to then integrate
AOL for live chat, to encourage on users such as teenager etc. Need
innovative ideas on functionality/technical integration.

AOL corporate will be doing case study, so PR opportunity too.

2- E-Learning Portal

(Again with PR opportunity in mind, the demo is also to these guys:

To help those in poverty work their way out, an e-Learning system is
required. There are providers of free training courses who need to be
organised and available via the site, with the following main functions:

- Taxonomy indexed / listed courses
- Info about each course, including description, date, venue, length,
organiser etc.
- Ability to register and ‘enrol’ in events; send email to course provider
- "Home page" for each provider: Our trainers, logos, our courses etc.
- Attendees can provide feedback on course; you can see all previous
attendees feedback when viewing course etc.
- Each user profile records attended course, so you can have lists by
course; who has attended... etc.
- Referals system with audit trail: Recommend Advanced Course B to user
after attending Beginner Course A

For this, I am thinking perhaps i) Moodle does this off shelf?, so
integrate?, or ii) develop all within Drupal?

Anyhoo, thanks for your attention if you've got this far :-), happy to
discuss more here or offline.

Best regards,


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