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neil.mcevoy at ondemand-network.com neil.mcevoy at ondemand-network.com
Thu Jun 29 06:44:57 UTC 2006

Hi Khalid

Thanks for this, would be very keen to see this develop.

"Purchasing a role" is exactly what I'm looking for too, and would also
like the ability to have payment linked OG subscriptions too, for the same
reasons you mention. It would give Drupal a 'membership commerce'
framework that is quite fundamental to many business models.

I'd also like the premium content/membership model. I used the Premium
module a bit, so that you can display some content with the message 'rest
of article available to premium members' etc. but it would all need to be
interlinked as you describe.

Look forward to your progress,

Regards, Neil.

> Just an update on this.
> I discussed this with Moshe, and what needs to be done is to call
> og_save_subscription() from the payment module when the payment
> is confirmed (e.g. via IPN)
> However, the client's requirements have shifted a bit, and og seems
> overkill for them. So, it seems  simple_access or taxonomy_access
> for the sections of pay-to-read content is enough.
> The trick is to allow "purchasing a role". For this  see this issue,
> and specifically patch 54
> http://drupal.org/node/53888#comment-111105
> Which has a working "role membership" product for  ecommerce.
> The catch  here is that users have to renew themselves (a constraint
> on recurring payments using ecommerce), not automatically. For
> credit cards there is no mechanism short of storing the credit  card
> info and running it thru the system at the end of the subscription
> period. This has lots of security implications since storing credit
> card data is a big no no. A few credit card gateways offer  a token
> based renewal (x-act?)  but  it is  not a standard way.
> So, this leaves us with Paypal subscriptions as the most convenient
> way of doing subscriptions. The paypal framework and paypal subscriptions
> are a good base to build on, but have some limitations (heavy queries and
> strange way of doing expiry), so I will probably end up writing a paypal
> membership module, which will also accept manual renewals via
> cheques for example.
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