[consulting] List Mom Policies

John Sechrest sechrest at jas.peak.org
Wed Mar 15 22:12:02 UTC 2006

Dan Robinson <dan at civicactions.com> writes:

 % ultimately a list lives or dies by how useful it is to people.  


 % I
 % wouldn't get too crazy regarding rules and regulations.  Publish the
 % Mission, publish a short list of do's and don'ts.
 Right. Just did that. 

 % Gently push
 % conversations that don't belong here off the list (explain when and
 % why).  Use off-list communication to coach list participants.

 Yes, already happening. 

 % In the list of specific "dont's" you have:

 % You could summarize by saying - "Don't use this list for anything that
 % another list has already been set up to handle". 

 Yes, but we wanted to be explicit. 

 % I don't understand the "Pricing" issue?

 It is illegal to have different businesses talking to each other
 setting prices in the US. If we have a list discussion 
 between consulting companies which ends up being a price setting
 exercise, then we are in trouble. 

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