[consulting] Drupal Certification and Requirements

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(apols for typos and forwarded messages, having sticky keyboard issues
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 >Can the
> former be mapped onto the latter in some sort of systematic way?  Hmm.

I think so, you'll just have to think about the different combinations

I like the idea of exploring novel ways of 'certifying' (documenting)
people's experience
while staying away from the worst aspects of certification (the
speculative useless part).

Certification for the core modules could be one thing
(prove that developer has knowledge of php, mysql and how drupal works
in principle, and that you have contributed to some modules etc),
that would give me some peace of mind that you are not  just a  drupal
cowboy on the loose

Plus a per module thing (admittedly drupal is pretty huge and a bit
heterogeneous so you cant expect everyone to know everything)

This could mean that when I  hire devs based on their profile to form
a team, and I may have something else to fall back on than just their
good word

It would have to be near zero cost both to develop and to undertake,
if you ask me

Let me know if you need my help with the concept, I would be happy to
contribute other things to the community - as I cannot contribute code



On Dec 21, 2007 3:17 PM, Chris Johnson <cxjohnson at gmail.com> wrote:
> A practical exam based upon completing a module is an interesting
> idea, and certainly a novel approach.  Understanding how most of
> Drupal works and being able to use that knowledge are probably among
> the key things that a Drupal developer would need to know.  Can the
> former be mapped onto the latter in some sort of systematic way?  Hmm.
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