[consulting] Sluggishness Concern

Steve Brown steve.brown at hotdrupal.com
Wed Aug 5 03:49:17 UTC 2009

A little late on this response but I noticed this doing a search of the company
name (hotdrupal.com) and had to say something :)

> Drupal Association membership does not impart any trademark license of any 
> kind.  The use of the "Drupal" trademark is subject to appropriate trademark 
> law and depending on the usage a license requirement from Dries Buytaert, not 
> from the Association.

No, but we did register our domain and started preparing things about the same time
the trademark thing was coming up. Before we actively started using the name I
contacted Dries and let him know what was going on and asked him what to do.

So yes, we made sure that Dries was aware of us (and got a response from him)
before we sold our first account. This was not done as a result of anyone saying
anything to us, we just noticed the trademark notice pop onto the Drupal site one
day and said "Hey, we better talk to Dries first because it's the Right Thing
to do"

Dries responded and told us not to worry about it. Since then as a company we have
sponsored the Drupal LA group (not this year, low funds) and one DrupalCon (DC)
with plans to also sponsor the next US DrupalCon.

> I have no knowledge of their technical prowess and will make no comment in 
> that regard.

I've been doing telecommunication stuff since the early/mid 1980's, working on
the Internet since 1986, and doing consulting for companies/systems designed to
do web hosting since the NCSA Mosaic days. Before that, if you remember WAIS
(wikipedia it,/ Wide Area Information Servers)

I wonder if anyone here remembers running Mosaic on a Commodore Amiga :)
> On Thursday 05 March 2009 1:09:53 pm Steve Rasmussen wrote:
> >/ They are a member of Drupal association and have cleared all such legal
/>/ > issues.
/>/ > Anyway, I just know they work well and have servers setup with Drupal in
/>/ > mind.
/> >/
/>/ > nolimitsude
/> >/
/>/ > On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 11:06 AM, Nancy Wichmann /<nan_wich at bellsouth.net <http://lists.drupal.org/mailman/listinfo/consulting>> wrote:
> >/ >  Steve Rasmussen wrote:
/> >/ > > I use hotdrupal.com,
/> >/ >
/> >/ > Although be aware that they will almost certainly run afoul of the Drupal
/> >/ > Association trademark lawyers.
/> >/ >
/> >/ >
/> >/ >
/> >/ > Nancy

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