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There's also this module: http://drupal.org/project/blogtitle

I haven't tried it, so caveat emptor.

Sam Cohen wrote:
> Why not just use phptemplate_ preprocess_page in template.php to 
> change the blog title?
> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Ayen Designs <info at ayendesigns.com 
> <mailto:info at ayendesigns.com>> wrote:
>     I thought that all of you who have read and posted (thank you)
>     regarding this would like to know the outcome. First of all, I
>     neglected to mention anything about the relationship originally,
>     because before it wasn't really important, until the discussion
>     expanded into the subject of 'investment.'  This particular client
>     has given me over $10K of work during the time of those 2,000
>     e-mails, so my take on whether to investigate things for free is
>     affected by that.
>     The client is the type who is very demanding in terms of
>     particulars...reads about SEO, blogging, on and on. This is
>     helpful in having discussions about specifics, because her level
>     of knowledge allows her to understand, but is also very taxing, in
>     terms of having specific meta data constructs, page name
>     constructs, alternate image text constructs, and so forth given
>     for everything. That is what led to the problem with the blog, the
>     fact that she knows what she wants, which is to send a blog
>     article by blog-api, have the blog name be what she wants (not
>     user's blog), have the blog article show in the breadcrumb when
>     its being viewed, and have the url be what she wants.
>     So, she phoned today. I had basically told her in my response that
>     I didn't feel it could be done in 30 minutes, that I really didn't
>     intend to change my estimate to fit what she read in the article,
>     and I reminded her of my development pedigree, not in an uppity
>     kind of way, but just that I've been around the corner several
>     times and started in a garage at the same time as Bill Gates, but
>     he had the better idea :-)  And that I've had projects from 30
>     minutes up to $20M. So when she phoned, I said that she already
>     has a blog that doesn't work the way she wants. That I've already
>     tried string_override to solve the blog name problem, and that it
>     didn't work, and for good reason, but that it wasn't known until
>     tried that it wouldn't work. That I could set her up a single-user
>     non-blog blog in 30 minutes, but that she already has one that
>     doesn't work the way she wants, and that I don't know if the 20
>     things she needs her blog to accommodate will work with that
>     solution, and that it will take me the 3 hours to find out whether
>     I can make it do so.
>     The result?  She said ok, and told me she was sending me another
>     dozen things to quote.
>     I offer this up as my advice on it all. There's a difference
>     between passiveness, aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness and
>     assertiveness. Assertiveness will usually win when dealing with
>     another professional.
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