[consulting] Drupal Certification (was: General consultant's vent)

Cary Gordon listuser at chillco.com
Fri Aug 7 15:09:27 UTC 2009

I think that running a certification program would be counter to the mission
of the Drupal Association. On the other hand, I think that the DA and the
Drupal community in general would be happy to see
such a program or programs established.
Cary Gordon
Drupal Association Board Member

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 10:22 PM, Tom Geller <tom at tomgeller.com> wrote:

> This subject comes up frequently. I know that Acquia was considering
> preparation of a certification system ("Yellow Jersey"), but it's always
> been low among their priorities.
> Something on this subject became the most-commented post on my blog:
>  http://tomgeller.com/content/market-ready-drupal-certification
> Then in a post shortly after that, I suggested that Drupal Association
> would be the appropriate body to run a certification program:
>  http://tomgeller.com/content/why-support-drupal-association
> I wrote, "[DA could] fulfill functions best served by a non-profit
> authority. While I find commercial interest in Drupal exciting and
> encouraging, some functions -- such as certification and trademark
> protection -- are best served by a neutral party with interests beyond the
> purely financial. Drupal Association is that authority."
> DA never expressed an interest in that -- which is fine, and their right.
> I'm among those who questions the value of such things... but still think it
> would be great to try. Alas, nobody's taking the lead. Uncertainly over the
> Drupal trademark IMHO also discourages anyone from claiming that leadership
> role.
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