[consulting] The question isnt if it's how

skessler at denverdataman.com skessler at denverdataman.com
Fri Aug 7 16:53:26 UTC 2009

I think the idea of an open-standard on how people share their work is an
interesting idea. Its far better than certifications because there are a
lot of things that my firm and others do that will never show up on a
test. At least if there is a standard of showing what you do both
technical and non-technical aspects this could make review of proposals
clearer for our clients. Our goal should not be to one-up each other it
should be to support the Drupal and open source community by providing the
best product to our clients.


> I think the answer is an open-standards knowledge/portfolio spec.
> Adhere it or dont, the choice is yours.
> The need is here, and an open spec is a fair responsible way to do it.
> Dane
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