[consulting] consulting Digest, Vol 43, Issue 27

Dane Ensign dane at deepsnow.us
Fri Aug 7 18:04:04 UTC 2009

I think an open standards knowledge/portfolio spec. simply put is a  
tree with the branches
of the systems capabilities, aspects, etc. Those who choose to adhere  
to the spec
can place their examples as leaves in these branches, whether it be  
noob sandbox examples
or high-powered ones. I think in a matter of days a small crowd could  
identify and organize
enough points of capabilities, in a useful and granular way, of the  
Drupal system that a
developer could take inventory of their work, and itemize the points  
(leaves of the tree) for which
they have fulfilled.

Frankly, I think any of us are well served to do this for ourselves  
and our clients. Present and answer
the questions a client would have about Drupal in the first place and  
how our skills/examples fit
into those capabilities. Just more food for thought.


On Aug 7, 2009, at 11:35 AM, consulting-request at drupal.org wrote:

> I think the idea of an open-standard on how people share their work  
> is an
> interesting idea. Its far better than certifications because there  
> are a
> lot of things that my firm and others do that will never show up on a
> test. At least if there is a standard of showing what you do both
> technical and non-technical aspects this could make review of  
> proposals
> clearer for our clients. Our goal should not be to one-up each other  
> it
> should be to support the Drupal and open source community by  
> providing the
> best product to our clients.
> -Steve

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