[consulting] Drupal Certification

Domenic Santangelo domenic at workhabit.com
Fri Aug 7 20:46:37 UTC 2009

Cary Gordon wrote:
> Well then, go for it. Do not, however, expect the Drupal Association 
> to endorse or franchise it. I think that there is little enthusiasm 
> for becoming involved in this among either the General Assembly or the 
> Board.
An interesting response on many levels.

Much of this thread's replies have come from the perspective of what 
consultants or dev shops want/find valuable/need/prefer, or what the 
Drupal Association's stance is. The point I was trying to make in my 
last message was that if we allow it, it's entirely possible that 
perspective will become largely irrelevant in the foreseeable future. 
Because at the end of the day, clients pay our bills and if they decide 
they want certification, that's what we'll have to get. We have the 
choice right now to preemptively create and shape it to try and prevent 
it from becoming the Drupal equivalent of the MCSE.

This avoidance of the worst-case assumes the worst case, and is of 
course not the only possible outcome. It may be that the DA changes its 
stance in the years to come and originates the program, or Aquia or 
Lullabot or some other shop does it, and everything's cool. Or it may be 
that it never becomes a client need and the whole discussion is a moot 
point. I readily concede all of this.

The reason I even give it any thought is because historically, 
certifications become important, especially to large 
clients/corporations, as technologies mature. I should reiterate that 
there are many good points in this thread that I agree with 100% -- D.O 
contribs, references, portfolios, and just /meeting/ with the client 
should be more than enough to qualify a consultant, for example. Agreed 
fully; but ask yourself: what happens when these /aren't/ enough?

[Disclaimer: these are my personal views and not representative of my 

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