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Thinking quickly on the run (so excuse me if I miss something obvious), 
it seems to me that I've more often seen numerous certifying 
organizations with one central authority controlling an ultimate 
licensing than controlling the certification. For example, the SAT's and 
ACT's, while not textbook certification, are used to 'certify' the 
college applicant in a way, and schools decide which they want to 
accept, but degree requirements are watched by the accreditation board. 
Likewise there are professions with many possible certification initials 
after the person's name, and the market decides which they accept or 
prefer, but if there is a license involved (electrician, occupational 
therapist, etc.) there is a 'central authority.'

That all said, I still think the certification proves nothing, because 
it's always going to be multiple choice, which means you're starting by 
giving the developer the answer and just asking him to connect the dots 
from the question. It doesn't prove in any way that you'll get good 
code...more like the tip of the iceberg. I agree, though, that there 
probably will be one or more eventually, and that the market will 
determine the value-maybe differently at first until they discover that 
high score doesn't equate necessarily to high quality, and that those of 
use who don't want to participate will still find plenty of work.

Vivek Khurana wrote:

>  I think competition among drupal certifications will loose the value 
> of the certification. A certification ensures that there is a central 
> authority which will control the quality of the certification holders. 
> For every certification we have one body which controls the quality of 
> the various certificates. IMHO the most successful certificates in 
> open source world are Mysql and Redhat certificates and both are 
> controlled by one respective companies.


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