[consulting] Returning to a solution

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Mon Aug 10 17:16:09 UTC 2009

Hello, all,

> In response to a clear need to qualify and quantify a drupal developers 
> skills,

Where has this need been demonstrated? I definitely do not have this need.

> an Open Standards Drupal knowledge/portfolio specification is a good 
> solution.
> It can be swarm developed by the community, and developers/firms can 
> showcase
> their work clearly and concisely. If your work is sophisticated and 
> noteworthy, then
> adorn your entry for an item with the corresponding sequence/UML and 
> activity diagrams/
> case study/paper napkin scribble Einstein moment. You get the point.

If we have free time, we would rather spend it on maintaining our 
contrib modules, writing documentation, helping in the forums, helping 
on mail lists, etc -- in short, doing things that give back to the 

If a shop is having a hard time establishing their credibility, then I 
would strongly recommend they spend time working within the community to 
develop it.

> The core drupal developer group can identify 

The folks who spend their time on core development have better things to 
do, IMO, especially considering that time spent on core development is 
generally *volunteered*



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