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I don't know about "superwoman" explicitly, but I had a conversation with a
woman with a similar story, although she was having trouble hiring a
developer, as opposed to hiring too many.

She was somewhat befuddled that everyone else she talked to had disappeared.

I had a long phone chat with her about her project, after signing her NDA
because she was scared someone would steal her idea. I explained to her that
most ideas are not new and that there were probably a couple other folks
working on that same idea right now and that what mattered was the execution
(and hiring a competent developer and/or team).

Ultimately she wanted someone local and went with a Dreamweaver "developer"
she knew. I wished her the best of luck and told her to please call me if
she needed some help with the project down the road.


On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:33 PM, John Fletcher <net at saltwebsites.com>wrote:

> The discussion about client / service provider relations was very
> interesting and reminded me of something: remember "Superwoman" who wrote to
> this list requesting help as she had been abandoned by various Drupal
> developers? Does anyone know what happened to her and whether the story had
> a happy ending?
> John
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