[consulting] Guilds vs. Unions

Steven Scotten steves at splicer.com
Mon Aug 10 20:43:13 UTC 2009

On Aug 10, 2009, at 1:22 PM, Matt Chapman wrote:

> I don't know anything about the Graphic Artists Guild, but the  
> Screen Actors Guild and the Writers guild are in fact simply unions,  
> in every way. The are not 'trade associations' and they do not  
> include employers, and they have nothing to do with intellectual  
> property protection.

The Graphic Artist's Guild (of which I'm a card-carrying member) is  
indeed a union. I signed an affirmation that I derive more income from  
my own work than as the owner or manager of any business that profits  
by the buying and/or selling of graphic artwork.

That does not prevent the GAG from lobbying against the trend towards  
the eradication of intellectual property law. As many graphic artists  
are freelancers and not on "work-for-hire" contracts, protection of  
copyright is an important issue to working artists.

Just FYI.


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