[consulting] Fwd: Training

David K Norman disposable09 at deekayen.net
Mon Aug 17 18:51:01 UTC 2009

I can't take on any more projects. Here's a snippet of some discussion 
about a small project for multisite and seo. If anyone wants it, say so 
and I'll forward you the entire thread to follow up on (or not).

>> Hi David:
>> That's fine, I can wait for the major stuff until August. There are some small things that 1-2 hours will help. I can even work with you on weekends or after hours. I am here in Mission Viejo CA PST. Let me know when you are available. The areas that I need help with are multiple sites and SEO.
>>> Hi David:
>>> Need some help with my new Drupal site. Do you have a few hours to spend
>>> with me. What is your hourly rate?

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