[consulting] Selling a Drupal website / business

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Fri Aug 21 14:56:54 UTC 2009

Lest year, I built a website for one of my longstanding clients which he 
intended as kind of a side job / hobby to make some money on the side. 
Unfortunately, it looks like he underestimated the amount of time and 
effort it would require to get off the ground, and so has asked me to 
try to sell it for him.

Now, I am more in the business of building websites for clients, and not 
trying to sell existing built-up ideas. What is the best way to go about 
this? Does anyone have any idea where I can post / advertise this 
website, and hopefully attract some interest?

The website in question is http://thebuyingexchange.com. The original 
business idea was that he had a lot of small business contacts through 
his work. He intended to, when they posted sales or perhaps negotiated 
deals with him, promote them / post their deals on the website. It did 
well at first, but I think it became more work than he was willing to 
put up with. In the end, he was mostly posting affiliate offers from 
various affiliate networks.

Anyways, any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.


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