[consulting] Drupal Skills Inventory

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Mon Aug 24 19:58:56 UTC 2009

Well, I was just pointing out that I look at the developer's instinct, 
business acumen and development know-how (making use of small functions, 
class use, etc.) as reusable IP, and that you are certainly paid for 
bringing that to the table. Where you got the idea that I was exluding 
you and saying you don't have that or don't use it is beyond me.

I think that the part of the deliverable you see as different is 
probably the 20% above water, and a large part of your value also comes 
from the 80% coder's intuition you use again and again, albeit improved 
each time.

I would have to differ though on reworking constantly. I may have done 
that given 'ownership' of an app, when I worked in-house, but as a 
freelancer I usually only revisit an app if the buyer wants to add things.

Steven Scotten wrote:

> But you do quality work the first time. That's something I'm deeply 
> envious of. I'm constantly reworking things to make them better, and 
> refactoring because I didn't see the best solution the first time. 
> Clearly you're the better developer and I'm a fraud. I'm not sure I 
> should let that stop me.

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