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Matt Chapman Matt at NinjitsuWeb.com
Mon Aug 24 21:06:02 UTC 2009

After a chuckle, I realized there's a lot of truth behind this humor. I 
think the success of a project is very much influenced by an abstract 
level of "compatibility." There's such a thing as a good developer who's 
not a good match for your project, and there's such a thing as a good 
client/project that's not a good match for me/my company.

Unfortunately, this quality is incredibly difficult to ascertain until 
you actually work with the person/organization. How do other's judge 
whether a project is a 'match' apart from simple consideration of 
technical expertise?


David Hazel wrote:
> Sounds like we need a client/contractor dating site. Fill out your 
> needs profile and we'll match you to a relevant contractor using 39pts 
> of compatibility.
> -Dave
> BTW. In this scenario I've defined client as the purchaser of service, 
> and the contractor as the provider of said services. (i.e. 
> contractor/sub-contractor relationship).
> On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:02 AM, liza <nyc.blogdiva at gmail.com 
> <mailto:nyc.blogdiva at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     What exactly are you looking for? A module developer? A site
>     architect/builder? A sysadmin with experience optimizing for
>     Drupal? A web designer with strong UI chops?
>     These are all different sets of Drupal skills. The error a lot of
>     people make is in assuming that "knowing Drupal" somehow is going
>     to get you people proficient in all these things.
>     Liza Sabater
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>     http://lizasabater.com
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>     AIM cultkitdiva
>     On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Sam Cohen <sam at samcohen.com
>     <mailto:sam at samcohen.com>> wrote:
>         Hi all,
>         I recently posted a request asking for freelancers and was a
>         bit overwhelmed by the number of responses.  I also realized
>         that I really need a better way to figure out what someone's
>         Drupal skills are --  to see if a certain type of work is
>         appropriate for them. 
>         I'm wondering if anyone here has every put together a Drupal
>         skills inventory/survey and if they would be willing to share
>         it.  (or if you know of one that exists and can provide a link)
>         I started working on my own and here is what I have so far as
>         a draft http://bit.ly/rCXcc  .  The purpose is for me to be
>         able to understand a freelancer's skill level -- it's not a
>         test and relies on the person who is filling it out answering
>         the questions honestly.  I think such an inventory can also be
>         helpful when hiring an employee -- and even for a client to
>         use when looking to hire a freelance developer. 
>         I would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas you all have
>         for any additional questions to ask -- or if you think any of
>         my questions should be revised.
>         Thanks,
>         Sam
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