[consulting] Acceptable Job Postings

Domenic Santangelo domenic at workhabit.com
Thu Aug 27 23:26:32 UTC 2009

Cameron Eagans wrote:
> While I agree with you, the reason that I joined this list in the 
> first place was because I thought that there would be frequent job 
> postings. As a college student running a Drupal shop, I need all the 
> help I can get finding new work.
> That said, I agree with you.
> Would it be too much of a hassle to split job postings off into a 
> [Jobs] list?
> If/when that happens, I would join that list, but until then, I think 
> the consultants list is the best place for job postings at the moment.
+1 to this. If there were a Jobs list I would join; until that time it 
seems this list is appropriate for (non-spammy) job posts.


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