[consulting] consulting Digest, Vol 43, Issue 69

Tom Geller tom at tomgeller.com
Fri Aug 28 01:41:32 UTC 2009

Ryan writes:

> I guess I would like to imagine that
> this can be a bit of a sanctuary for discussion about clients/business
> without feeling like we have to always be worried about looking bad in
> front of potential clients.

That, I think, is the problem. Even if there are no job postings here,  
you have to assume that potential clients lurk here. Some of us are  
both client and consultant at times -- for example, when we subcontract.

There's a saying I love: "There's no such thing as a secret that two  
people know." That's especially true on the Internet.

Personally, I could go either way (well, that too ;) ) regarding  
whether ads stay or not. I don't mind seeing them here, but I know I  
can go to http://groups.drupal.org/jobs if they disappear.

This whole issue makes me kind of nostalgic for the dotcom boom. :) I  
was involved in the Silicon Valley Linux User's Group around 1999, and  
the place was *crawling* with employers. Nice. :)

BTW, Ryan, thanks for putting forth your argument so civilly. Cheers,

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