[drupal-devel] New Archive Archive Module

Jim Riggs drupal-lists at jimandlissa.com
Fri Apr 1 14:23:58 UTC 2005

On 1 Apr, 2005, at 2:26, CodeMonkeyX wrote:

> These are the features that are in the demo I am currently using on my
> site. It is still under development, but if all goes well maybe this
> will become a part of the Drupal core for the 4.7 release. We will see
> how it goes.
> You can read more on my site:
> http://www.codemonkeyx.net/node/221
> View a Demo:
> http://www.codemonkeyx.net/archive
> Tell me what you think, and what could be done to make it better.

I /really/ like this.  As it stands, I do not use the archive module,  
because it is basically useless in most situations.  This, though,  
offers a huge improvement over what we have now...and I could  
actually use it!  :-)

A few things:

* I see the same bug when switching months as Tim A.

* I agree with him that integration with taxonomy would be good.

* I also agree with him that the traditional calendar layout is  
nice.  What I would do is leave everything you have done as is, but  
when a month is selected, display the days in a calendar view rather  
than just a list.  That way a user can navigate more-easily to a  
specific day (i.e. if they remember something was posted on a  
Friday).  Attached is screenshot of a modified version of your March  
2005 page showing what I would like.  I mentioned it to the guy in  
the cube next to me (also a drupaler), and he liked it better also.

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