[drupal-devel] Re: New Archive Archive Module

CodeMonkeyX codemonkeyx at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 18:12:57 UTC 2005

Tim Altman:
>       Nice.  I noticed a bug: after viewing one month, the posts don't update
>after going to another month.

That must be a bug with the Drupal cache, because I did not see this
at all on my development system, which currently has the cache

>       I'm not sure if you wanted feedback on list.  Please let me know if you'd
>rather take this to your site.

I will be checking both, but if you read my message here then you are
probably a drupal developer, so it would be nice if you replied here.
:) I will save my sites comments to see what general users think if
they come across it.

>        Likes good.  I like the traditional calendar layout, but yours has its
>merits, too.

Each level of the navigation is completely themeable, so you could
make the days section a traditional style calender if you wanted too.
For the default view though I would like to try and keep the markup
relatively simple. And a list seems like the simplest way right now.

>        It might be nice to tie this in with taxonomy, too.

> On most sites, it might actually be more intuitive to tie this to
> taxonomy.  Unless you are a Drupal administrator, you won't be able to
> tell the difference between a page and a story -- especially because
> people tend to use stories in various ways.  I'd be careful with node
> type selectors; depending on the site, it might be vary confusing.

I agree that's a problem with the current version. Right now I just
wanted that there to see how it worked. What might be nice would be
let the site admin determine a custom set of "types" to put there.
They could then add links for node types, comments, or to taxonomy

I must say though, I am not sure how well this would integrate with
the a taxonomy navigation system as well. Like I said above maybe we
could allow the admin to create custom type filters which could
include taxonomy terms?

Also, I was thinking it might be nice to provide an archive hook of
some type to allow module developers to hook into the archive module
and create their own sub-archives. I am not sure how this would be
implemented yet, but I was throwing around the idea.

Jim Riggs:
> I /really/ like this.  As it stands, I do not use the archive module,
> because it is basically useless in most situations.  This, though,
> offers a huge improvement over what we have now...and I could
> actually use it!  :-)

I agree, there archive module is kind of a no-module right now. It
does not really do anything useful.

Boris Mann:
> Just wanted to add my +1 to having the rather useless archive module
> removed/replaced ASAP. Any chance of slipping it into 4.6? It feels
> like nothing has been done with the current archive module in ages.
> The calendar in a block is the only half-way useful feature.

There is no way this will be in the 4.6 core, that is already feature
locked. Personally I agree with Moshe, it would be better to make it a
contrib module. Then if everything works out add it to the core at a
future date.

Thanks for the positive feedback, I have already gained a few more
ideas from your posts.

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