[drupal-devel] [feature] Handle external URLs

Morbus Iff drupal-devel at drupal.org
Sat Apr 2 00:02:32 UTC 2005

Issue status update for http://drupal.org/node/19842

 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      cvs
 Component:    base system
 Category:     feature requests
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  chx
 Reported by:  chx
 Updated by:   Morbus Iff
 Status:       patch

Oh, and mailto.

Morbus Iff

Previous comments:

April 1, 2005 - 18:50 : chx

Attachment: http://drupal.org/files/issues/externalurl.patch (448 bytes)

This very simple patch lets you add external URLs to your menu or
wherever, 'cos I patched url() itself.
Please consider for 4.6.


April 1, 2005 - 19:02 : Morbus Iff

Too naive, IMO. Needs ftp, nntp, irc, aim, blah blah blah.

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