[drupal-devel] Where to put contact.module

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Tue Apr 5 07:15:23 UTC 2005

On 05 Apr 2005, at 02:08, neil at civicspacelabs.org wrote:

> I used to keep the contact module on Drupal CVS. Approximately November
> of last year, CivicSpace decided to stop development on the contact
> module in favor of waiting for CivicCRM. Its code is written for Drupal
> 4.4 and it still doesn't have full support for the node permissions
> system and is not compatible with the latest version of the forms
> module. To get it fully working with the features of Drupal 4.6 would
> probably be equivalent to a full rewrite and testing. Probably a solid
> week of coding and testing which I don't have.
> I'd like to move this back to Drupal CVS since the volunteer module
> requires it and I'd like for all CivicSpace modules to have Drupal.org
> projects. However I need some way of dealing with the forked forms
> module and I do not plan on considering any feature requests at this
> point.

Surely, this is a bit of a messy situation.  I'd rather not pollute the 
main Drupal repository with forked modules. That would be a nasty 
precedent.  If the sole reason this module exists, is the 
volunteer.module I'd bundle it as such -- that is, put the forked forms 
module in contrib/modules/volunteer along with an explanation.

Would that work for you?

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