[drupal-devel] Forummail beta 1

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Tue Apr 5 07:42:54 UTC 2005

It was (nicely) pointed out to me that my original post was at best 
vague.  Forummail is an "add-on" to Mailhandler and Listhandler which 
handles the subsciptions to a listserve (in this case EZMLM) so that if 
you are going to have a listserve that posts to a forum (and a forum 
that posts to a list) then your users subscription to the underlying 
listserve can be managed from within Drupal.  You can read more about 
the motivations for this project here: 

While we're calling this a "beta" it is beta only in terms of the 
limited goals we have for this current version.  I think that some folks 
who are particularly interested in forums and listserves might be 
interested as well as people who are interested in ASP type services.  
This code is (IMHO) not ready for the general Drupal community. 

If you are interested in seeing this module in action you can get an 
account at dev.civicactions.net/cg1.



> Hi folks,
> We've packed up forummail beta 1, you can get it here 
> <http://dev.civicactions.net/?q=CivicGroupsBeta1>.  The code is 
> running in a couple of places and things seem ok.  Forummail extends 
> the functionality of Mailhandler and Listhandler attempting to make 
> the use of a listserve to "back" or "mirror" a forum as seemless as 
> possible.  Feedback encouraged.
> Dan

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