[drupal-devel] Re: Help?

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Tue Apr 5 19:05:32 UTC 2005

Furthermore, when you want to add your module to a branch, copy the 
directory to your checkout of that branch and then do a CVS Add and CVS 

> Drupal Contrib Branches Made Simple:
> Maintain a checkout of each branch, separately.
>   cvs -d:pserver:your_user_name at cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib login
>   cvs -d:pserver:your_user_name at cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib 
> checkout -r DRUPAL-4-5 contributions
> When you need to update the 4.5 version of the module, go to your 4.5 
> directory and update it.
>   cvs update -dP
> Then make your changes and commit them.
>   cvs commit
> Repeat this for each branch that needs updates.
> You only need to branch a module *once*, when it is first available for 
> a particular Drupal release.

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