[drupal-devel] Re: [contributions(DRUPAL-4-5):sheldon]

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Wed Apr 6 12:33:17 UTC 2005

Op Wednesday 06 April 2005 01:21, schreef Eric Scouten:
> Obviously, TortoiseCVS is not for everybody. My intent was simply to
> disagree with Jeremy's argument that the use of visual tools should be
> discouraged across the board.

Let me add my disagreement to this pile :).

I started using CVS from the commandline, and managed to break quite some 
stuff and loose a lot of code. I still do not really grasp it. Lets face it: 
CVS is very bad for branching tagging and stuff like that. 

So then I moved to tortoise. Not perfect, but al least the learning curve got 
less steep. 

I now use cervisia on KDE. This tool is the best GUI IMO for CVS. Not only 
does it always show you the CVS commands it uses for doing its magic behind 
the scenes (it educates me!) its settings by default are safe: If you start 
using it, you cannot break anything very badly. Well, unless you fiddle with 
the settings, but if you change advanced settings in something you dont know 
you are really stupid. 

so, yes, I plead for use of graphical tools. But that will not mean that you 
must no know what you are doing. Being able to click does not mean you dont 
have to think or read, evethough far too many ppl seem to think so.

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