[drupal-devel] Re: [task] Remove hard coded HTML for comment moderation

neil at civicspacelabs.org neil at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Apr 7 01:00:13 UTC 2005

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 05:15:22PM -0700, Chris Messina wrote:
> I'm thinking of +1'ing this, but I'm not sure I get it completely. If
> it removes hardcoded HTML, +1. Hopefully this is separate from the
> moderation option discussion Neil and I had offline.
> Also, I need to be able to hide the comment moderation buttons in my
> print styles, so they need to be classed. I think this patch does
> this, yes/no?

I actually used an id for the button itself, there is only one of them.
And the class for the dropdown would be .comment .links .form-item.


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