[drupal-devel] [feature] More changes to forum help text

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Sun Apr 10 18:58:25 UTC 2005

Op 10-apr-05 om 20:52 heeft Anisa het volgende geschreven:

> Ne, this is perhaps nitpicking, but do you need to say parent here?
>> You may place your forum inside a parent container or forum.
> When you put X inside Y, Y is of course the parent...right?
I know someone is gonna shoot me for this, but in 'the normal drupal 
life' I can only think about 'Chapter' when someone says parent.
I know this only counts (and even in there not always) for the 
book.module that this *could* be the right(tm) phrase for that, but 
just to want you guys know, that I don't think the wordings in drupal 
itself are very userfriendly...

So don't doubt to reword/rephrase some sentences in drupal-code either, 
if you think that would fit better..


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