[drupal-devel] Re: CVS question: Multiple branch tags on a module

Sheldon Rampton sheldon at prwatch.org
Tue Apr 12 21:47:40 UTC 2005

Jim Riggs wrote:

>Now you can get more sophisticated with merging, but it's often not 
>worth the headache.  Make changes in the various places independently 
>(copy and paste are your friends ;-) and then commit on each branch.  
>Don't try to tag again, though.  It's already a done deal.

Thanks for providing that explanation. Separately from Sycrusher, 
I've been trying to figure out how to do more or less the same thing 
with my interwiki module. Your instructions helped me figure out how 
to update the 4.5 branch of the module.

However, the 4.5 branch still doesn't appear as the "latest release" 
when I go to the project page:


If people click on the "download latest release," they still get an 
old version of the module rather than the current version. What can I 
do to fix this?

--Sheldon Rampton

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